Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Most Foodstamp Receipients on Guam are Chamorros rather than Micronesians

Some food stamp clients had some or all of their benefits stolen for the month, according to the Department of Public Health and Social Services of Guam Blog.

As a result, Public Health is warning Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program recipients about fraud.

In a release, the department said it received several complaints from SNAP recipients that their electronic benefit transfer cards were allegedly used without their authorization or knowledge.

According to Public Health, it's suspected the unauthorized use of these EBT cards was a result of SNAP recipients' practice of manually keying in their EBT card numbers and PIN numbers when making purchases from authorized EBT retailers, or because they shared their SNAP information with other people. In some instances, the SNAP recipients' benefits for the whole month were wiped out, the release stated.

Swipe your card Guam

SNAP recipients are highly encouraged to swipe their EBT cards and not allow anybody to see or know their PIN when making transactions, the release stated. Card swiping versus manually keying the card numbers and PINs provides an additional level of security to protect the recipient's benefits.

Public Health also reminded SNAP recipients that "establishing credit accounts in exchange for cash or non-food items with any EBT retailer using or promising the benefits from the EBT card as payment" is potential fraud or trafficking.

An EBT retailer who accepts this credit transaction is considered a party to an illegal activity. SNAP recipients are not to sell, trade or give away their EBT cards and PINs, Public Health stated, and the department will refer those activities to the U.S. Office of the Inspector General for appropriate action, the release stated on Guam

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Monday, February 1, 2016


I'm interested in moving to Guam per nice weather, closer to Philippines, etc but am hearing lots of bad things like:

Terrible drugs problems especially ICE.
Chinese are locals but don't hire locals.
Polluted unsafe beaches--really sucks if true
Cause nice beaches would seem to be a major attraction
Lots of crime and you need bars on your house windows, etc
Terrible public schools
Terrible hospital
Lots of stray dogs
People just dump stuff like refrigerators, etc
Terribly Nepotism per getting jobs, etc
Terrible drug problems

We live in Oregon. Being on Guam however would put my Filipino wife much closer to her family in the PI. I think I could get some kind of government job on Guam.

Thanks much!

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Monday, January 25, 2016

Guam Tumon Street Drugs Pots Weeds Marijuana Ice Meth

Wai Chi Lau

A Tamuning resident who used to teach at Academy of Our Lady High School.
Teaches Mathematics and currently does technical support for various business such as Gino at Agana Shopping Center, Gucci office in Tumon, Alupang Beach Club across his apartment, etc.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

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Paul Suba of Guam Police Department

AMID a flurry of media criticism and his leadership being called into question, Guam police chief Paul Suba yesterday stepped down from his post after his meeting with acting Gov. Mike Cruz.

Suba’s resignation was effective yesterday. 

“I will take 20 days of administrative leave to ensure a smooth transition and exhaust my annual leave before retirement,” Suba said in a press statement.

Cruz announced the appointment of Major Rick Leon Guerrero as acting chief of police. Leon Guerrero will also continue his role as acting police commander.

Cruz told the media that if Suba had not tendered his resignation, he would have fired him.

Suba came under fire last week as a result of GPD’s search on KUAM studios, where investigators confiscated a document related to the polygraph test for spokesman John Edwards.

Difficult decision

Governor Felix Camacho is currently off island. Last week, Cruz urged the governor to replace Suba, saying his lack of leadership has diminished the confidence of the people in the police department. 

Cruz said he accepted Suba’s request for retirement after consulting with the governor.

Although Suba’s resignation will mean a change in leadership at GPD, Cruz said he will not lose his faith in the men and women of that department.

Cruz said the decision was difficult for him since he considers Suba a friend. 

“Sometimes friends are difficult to part with and for me, it was an issue of making sure our departments are going to be able to do the job that they’re created to do,” Cruz said. 

“And so, that was my decision. We needed to find somebody else to do it,” the acting governor said, noting his lack of confidence in Suba’s effective leadership.

Cruz said the governor was aware of his decision to meet with Suba yesterday. 

“Obviously, [the governor] is also a friend of the chief’s and I think that he was obviously sad about the fact that we were seeing a friend depart as one of our leaders,” Cruz said. “Hopefully we can restore the public’s confidence in the police department with new leadership.”


Cruz clarified that although the governor said last week he needed more time before deciding on Suba’s fate, the governor never stated that letting go of Suba was a decision he wouldn’t make.

“It was a little bit uncomfortable but the governor never stated that it was not the decision he wanted to make. It was just a matter of getting some investigation and a better understanding of the situation,” Cruz said. “And in my discussions with him earlier, he understood that this was a matter that needed to take place.”

Cruz said yesterday he was confident that Leon Guerrero will restore public confidence in the police department. “We served together in the Guam Army National Guard. He’s a long time veteran of the police force. And at least in my discussions with the rank and file, he’s respected and fair,” the acting governor said.

“The process takes some time and he will be on administrative leave for a period of time as he starts the process of retiring,” Cruz said. 

Public safety committee chairman Sen. Adolpho Palacios Sr. said he respected Cruz’s actions on Suba’s resignation, saying the new development at the police force will now allow officials to focus on moving ahead with what needs to be done at GPD.


“There are many distractions that don’t have much to do with police work and GPD needs to move beyond that,” said Palacios.

Palacios said that his oversight hearing scheduled for May 24, 9 a.m. in the public hearing room to discuss the hiring practices at GPD and search warrant application by GPD will be held since it doesn’t particularly focus on Suba, but rather issues that pertain to the department. 

Palacios said that he expects last Wednesday’s issued search warrant of KUAM will be a topic of discussion, but Palacios said he will not call into question Superior Court Judge Anita Sukola’s decision to issue one.